Monday, August 30, 2010

Dentist Take Two

We were back to Dr. Suzi this afternoon with Mr. Parker for a checkup and cleaning. Parker did great with the dentist throughout the examination and x-rays and came out very happy with a sticker and a new blue toothbrush. When we went back for the consultation with the dentist she let us know that he needs two sealants and two "silver stars" (fillings) for cavities on some back molars. So we have an appointment to go back on Wednesday afternoon this week to get that stuff accomplished. The x-rays also gave us some insight into what's happening with his front bottom teeth. It doesn't appear that he has enough room for the two adult teeth to move forward or for the next two adult teeth that will come in down there - unfortunately he got Mommy's crowded bottom jaw and will most likely need braces in the future.

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