Monday, August 23, 2010

First Grade

This morning was the first day of first grade for Mr. Parker! Here's all his stuff laid out for the day - same backpack full of supplies, new lunchbox and of course more supplies that wouldn't fit in his backpack!

Parker was very excited about wearing his new Iron Man shirt and shoes and he looked pretty spiffy in his new haircut.

The whole family got up and took Parker to school. We were able to walk him all the back to his classroom and peek inside for the finished product which looked really nice. He gave us a hug goodbye and headed to find his seat. When we picked him up at the end of the day, he seemed happy and said things had gone really well - that his teachers were nice and the kids had all behaved. He was happy to have one friend from his kindergarten class (Avontae) and he saw several other friends around campus.

Tonight for homework he had three sheets: 1) writing all ten of his spelling words 3x each; 2) a math worksheet that had him doing some addition and subtraction; and 3) a time capsule sheet asking what his favorite things were now to compare to to the end of the year. Plus there was homework for Mom and Dad: signing off that we had read the classroom discipline policy, signing off on the school's covenant of conduct and filling out the emergency contact form. Everything is done and back in the folder for tomorrow, the clothes have been laid out and the snacks are packed in the lunchbox. Here's praying day two goes just as well.

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