Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Trip to the Dentist

Yesterday afternoon Wesley had his very first trip to the dentist. There are only a couple of pediatric dentists in Ocala and we decided on Dr. Suzi. She used to a professor on staff at UF in their pediatric dentistry department and right now she has two offices in Gainesville and Ocala. She only schedules one patient at a time so you have her full focus and she doesn't allow parents to go back with their children so she doesn't have to compete with them for the kids' attention.

We wondered how Wesley would do in a situation like that. He was very happy to play with the toys in the waiting area. When it was time to go back for his exam, he was a little hesitant and then put his hand in hers and followed Dr. Suzi and her tech Melody down the hallway. He came out later a happy smiling boy, clutching a new toothbrush and with a train sticker on his hand!! Dr. Suzi said he did awesome and was a great helper as she counted his teeth (examination) and applied the flouride treatment. She also took a couple of pictures (x-rays) of his teeth. And it was a good thing that she did. What the x-rays revealed is that Wesley's permanent top teeth are growing in the gum as they should but that they have an extra friend. Apparently about 20% of the population has an extra tooth and Wesley is one of the 20%. At some point as we get closer to those adult teeth coming down he will need oral surgery to remove the extra tooth so it doesn't interfere.

Later in the afternoon, Parker was asking Wesley all kinds of questions about his visit to the dentist and was especially curious to find out if there were TVs in the ceiling like the last dentist Parker went to. (Wesley said no). Parker is headed to find out next Monday afternoon when he goes for his own trip to the dentist.

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