Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Basketball Game

Tonight was Parker's last basketball game. It wasn't the last game of the season, but we will miss that while we are away on vacation next week. He played most of the game again because there were only six boys from his team there and he played very, very well. He scored the first basket of the game and he scored another basket later on in the third quarter. He's doing much better at dribbling down the court, although all of the kids tend to hog the ball in their hands when they get near the basket. He did get however get injured in the fourth quarter while attempting to shoot the ball. The kid who was guarding him swatted at Parker's arm really hard and clobbered him in the crook of the elbow. He sat right down and the coach and the referee checked him out - just a big red mark on his arm. So he sat out on the bench for the last little part of the fourth quarter. We're thankful for a good season with no other injuries. Parker has really enjoyed basketball at the YMCA this summer!!!!!!

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