Saturday, August 7, 2010

Siesta Key Beach - Day One

Saturday morning we slept in until the boys woke us up at 9am. Then we got dressed and finished up the cleaning and packing before loading up the van and taking off. We grabbed some lunch from Krystal and left Ocala at noon. There were scattered thunderstorms along I-75 as we headed south and we passed SIX car accidents in the northbound lanes in the first hour on the road - two of those caused multiple mile backups. Fortunately, it was clear sailing on the southbound side. We got into Siesta Key about 2:15pm and found our new home for the week: the Siesta Royale Apartments. Checkin was easy and Daddy and the boys unloaded the van in record time. By 3pm we were unpacked and headed back over the bridge to get groceries at Publix.

After getting back with the groceries, we puttered around in the apartment for a while before heading upstairs to Uncle Steve and Aunt Diane's apartment. They've been here for the last week, as well as their daughter Kim and her husband Drew (in another apartment) and all four of them are leaving tomorrow. Their sons Cory and Robert also drove over and joined us for the evening as well as Robert's girlfriend Alicia. Aunt Jani, Uncle Dan, Grandmommy and Granddaddy were able to drive down so we had a fun time all hanging out together. Alicia made a couple different kinds of ceviche using snapper Kim had caught during the week (which were so fantastic that even the boys loved them!) and we ordered in pizzas for the main course.

Aunt Jani and Uncle Dan

After dinner we sat on the back porch for a while watching the boys play in the sand. Then we headed down to the shoreline to watch the sunset and let the boys play in the water. Alicia got down in the sand with them and had the boys working on covering up the grownups' feet!! We finished up the night by taking the boys to play in the saltwater pool which they loved!

The Allens
Alicia, Kim, Drew and Robert

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