Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Today was Parker's Meet the Teacher Day. It was exciting because we were able to go and see all of the new school buildings that have been built over the past year (four in all, including one large two-story). They kept the building that Parker was in last year (kindergarten plus the media center) and turned the old media center into four first grade classrooms. But since the remodel of first grade was one of the last things to be finished up, the first grade teachers only saw their rooms completed yesterday. So instead of getting to see partially put-together classrooms, the first grade teachers held their meetings in the media center. Parker got to meet his teacher Mrs. Glenn and her permanent substitute Mrs. Leverett. Mrs. Glenn is pregnant and expecting a baby in a few weeks and so Mrs. Leverett will be with her and then take over while she is away. Both ladies seemed to be very nice and Parker also has one friend from his kindergarten class in with him. The media center is really nice - really all the new buildings are - especially the huge cafetorium (cafeteria plus auditorium). There is still some construction as they still have to tear down the old cafeteria and one old classroom wing before turning the back section into a playground and athletic fields. We're looking forward to another great year as a South Ocala Yellow Jacket.

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