Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Not To Make a Sale

Tonight when Mommy pulled into the driveway about 5:00pm with the boys in the backseat, a large van with writing all over it pulled in right behind her (blocking her into the driveway) with two men inside. One of the men quickly hopped out of the van and ran up to Mommy's window and said, "Hey we've got a great deal on steaks. Are you interested?" When Mommy said "No!", the man kept asking if she was sure. Finally he took no for an answer and hopped back in his van. They very slowly pulled away and paused in front of the house, long enough for Mommy to get the name and number on the van. The phone number was to the corporate office for a direct buy food company with a local office. She let customer service know that scaring a mom with two kids in the car by stalking them in their driveway is perhaps not the best way to make a sale. The customer service lady was livid when she heard what had happened and apologized all over the place.

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