Friday, October 1, 2010

Midterm Report

They have this new thing in Marion County Schools called Parent Portal where you can login to the Internet and check your child's grades online - not just the final grade, but each individual grade given for classwork, homework and tests. It's really nice for us because we got Parker's midterm report today and now we can understand about the Es and Ss a little better. Parker got good behavior grades as well as E's for all his academic subjects and S's for all his specials (Music, Art, PE). Here's the breakdown:

Language Arts - E - 96
Math - E - 93
Reading - E - 96
Science - E - 100
Social Studies - E - 98
Art - S - 89
Music - S - 89
Physical Education - S - 85 (He's gotten this grade for every single recorded assignment. We're wondering if this is just how coach grades?)

We're very proud of all that he is learning and doing in school. We're headed out right now to the school book fair so our little reader can pick out a new book.

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