Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mommy's New Do

On Friday afternoon, Mommy went and tried a new hair academy in the Villages and got a great cut and color. The boys noticed as soon as she got home - Wesley said Mommy's hair looked pretty and asked her where it came from!

The most interesting part of the day though was not the cut and color but what happened on the way there. Mommy misread the printed directions, got lost and was running late. Less than two miles away from the hair salon the Malibu started to sputter and Mommy tried to turn around and get to a gas station. Instead, she ended up with the car dying in the middle of the driveway at an IHOP - two parking lots over from the gas station. It was right about the time Daddy needed to pick up Parker from school and it's a good 40 minutes one way to where she was from Ocala. So she ended up calling our friends the Revs. Sanders - Chris and Charissa - who live in Lady Lake. Fortunately they had a spare gas can and were able to come running and get Mommy some gas in the tank. What a great blessing to have such good friends!!!!! And even though she was 90 minutes late to the hair salon, they were able to fit her in.

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