Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yard Work

For the last few weeks on Saturdays, Mommy has had some diligent little helpers who have pitched in with the laundry. But she lost her laundry helpers to working/playing in the yard with Daddy yesterday. We have been planning on redoing the front flowerbed and Daddy decided to go ahead and get rid of all of the evergreen that was in there. The evergreen has been housing a bunch of wasps. So after spraying some wasp spray, Daddy dug in and pulled it all out.

The boys helped for a while but then the lure of their bicycles called to them. To prevent them from going out in the street, Daddy had Mommy move the Malibu to block off the driveway.

Even empty, the flowerbed looks so much better now. We will be working on plants sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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