Friday, October 8, 2010

Catching Up

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. Mommy dropped the boys off at school and headed down to Leesburg to visit our good friend from our clergy couple group Christy (Will's mom). She's pregnant and was in the hospital for observation. After that Mommy continued on down south to Orlando to spend the day with several other clergywomen from around the conference doing some planning and brainstorming. Parker and Wesley were picked up from school by their babysitter Miss Kelly who works at the school and she took them to Brick City Park for the afternoon before bringing them home and making them dinner! Mommy got home just in time to pick them up and head down to Belleview for a Finance Meeting - the boys got to play in the nursery with some of their church friends. The finance meeting included a field trip for the grownups. We investigated a piece of property adjacent to the church that was offered to us this week. We had fun poking around in the house and peeking through the windows of the garage apartment.

Today was pretty busy too. After getting the boys off to school, Mommy headed down early to the church to say "bon voyage" to all our cruisers - 26 folks from the church left today for a weekend cruise to the Bahamas. After that she headed back to the house to work on polishing up a funeral service for a lovely lady from Belleview. Later she picked up Wesley early from daycare and took him to the doctor for a recheck on his ears. Thankfully he got the all clear! We met Parker and Miss Kelly at the house and Mommy changed clothes to rush off to officiate the funeral. Miss Kelly took the boys to Fisher Park this time to play and everyone got back to the house at the same time. Right now, Wesley is helping Mommy with the laundry while Parker is helping to make one of those Bird's Eye meals for dinner!

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