Saturday, October 9, 2010

Super Saturday

* We got to sleep in!
* T-ball game went well. Parker got two great hits and played well at third base and then first base. He also looked super cool wearing a pair of Daddy's shades.

* The boys were very well behaved as Mommy got to visit three of the local arts & crafts fairs that were happening today around downtown and we ran into some friends from Daddy's church as we were leaving one of them.

* We got to eat lunch at Zaxby's.
* We got to spend time at the Jervey Gantt Park playground.

* Bowling went well. Another team has signed up (even though they pre-bowled today) and Parker bowled a 68 and a 42 without bumpers. The other members of Parker's team are a dad and son (both named John) who are super duper nice! We also ran into some friends from Daddy's church who were there celebrating a birthday.
* The boys continued their good behavior as we shopped for fall decorations in Hobby Lobby.
* Wesley fell asleep in the car on the way home - we got him into the house and he slept for two hours....Mommy got a nice nap too while Parker watched TV.
* Parker woke Mommy up at 6:00pm to announce that he wanted to make macaroni and cheese for dinner. He subsequently helped make dinner and we ate again on the back porch.
* The boys played t-ball in the backyard while Mommy cleaned up.
* And Daddy is due home from his big trip in the next couple of hours!

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