Monday, November 15, 2010

Dinner Party

This past Friday evening Mommy and Daddy hosted our very first dinner party as a married couple that did not involve family or some kind of open house for church people. Only took us 11 years to make good use of that wedding china! We are part of a clergy couples group within the district - four couples that meet monthly for dinner at our parsonages. This month was our turn. Three of the four couples were able to be here plus three kids and a babysitter (the wife of the fourth couple is on bedrest for her pregnancy).

We served chips and pretzels with three kinds of dip for an appetizer as folks gathered, then moved on to salad and bread at the table. That was followed up by the main course - meat stuffed shells or cheese stuffed shells. And for dessert we made an apple cake with cinnamon cool whip and hot apple cider to drink. We had a lovely evening of food and fellowship together!

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