Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of the T-Ball Season

This past week was the end of the t-ball season. At the last practice on Tuesday night, the coaches ended up things by involving even the little brothers from the team as they chased baseballs throughout the field. Wesley had a blast and was so happy to be included!

Saturday was the last game and Parker did great with his hits at bat and fielding. He has really grown as a player this season - he seems to enjoy baseball more and more each time he plays.

After the game it was time to party again! Coach Cliff took everyone to Easy Street for pizza, trophy presentation and lots of fun! The boys had a blast playing putt-putt outside, climbing around in the tunnels and playing games in the arcade. Parker spent all his tokens racing cars on videogames while Wesley played a lot of skeeball and "tried" to ride a motorcycle.

At the end our time at Easy Street, Parker headed off to bowling. We're not quite halfway through the bowling season yet. He bowled a 23 to start which was way under his average (49) but turned things around in the second game and bowled a 62!

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