Thursday, November 4, 2010


Parker has been enjoying FLAME. He has had three experiences with it over the last five weeks (he didn't attend on early release day or the day the fire truck came to school). The first Wednesday he spent with Mrs. Hester who came to his school and they did origami birds. He was really excited about making the bird and getting to bring it home. Plus he realized that one of his friends from kindergarten is also in his class.

Then South Ocala was able to get their own gifted teacher, Mr. Robles. The last two weeks Parker has had FLAME on Mondays with him and they have worked on some really interesting stuff. The first week they were together he got to work on creating powerpoint slides - Parker loved that and wanted to work on them a lot at home on his computer! Then this week they talked about the four kinds of bridges (which Parker explained were bridge, arch, suspension, cantilever), worked in teams to build bridges, and then tested them with weights to see what kind of bridge would hold the most weight. We're so thankful that he has this opportunity to go and work on different kinds of challenging activities in addition to his regular classwork.

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