Friday, November 5, 2010

Report Cards

Today Parker brought home his first report card for first grade. He had 6 E's in academics (math, reading, language arts, science, social studies and music) and 2 S's (art and PE). He also had good conduct grades. This is where the difference between Parker's seasoned kindergarten teacher and his new permanent sub first grade teacher are showing. Although his teacher repeatedly says that Parker is one of, if not the best behaved child in her class, she gave him all S's for conduct in the subjects she had with him. But we know he is really working hard.

To reward all of that hard work and effort Mommy and Daddy picked up a new to us (ie used) copy of a game for the Wii from Gamestop - Mario Kart. Parker has been asking for this for a couple of weeks since we had one of the other clergy couples over for pizza and to play Wii. They brought their copy of Mario Kart with them. Parker was thrilled with his new game and can currently be found challenging his Daddy to a race on the Wii!

Wesley has had a pretty good week with the potty training at school. Each day the accidents have gotten less and less and today he stayed dry and clean all day at school. We're still working on our at home time though. So we are setting the timer for every 15 minutes to make a potty break!

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