Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pastor Appreciation at BUMC

On Saturday Mommy started to feel pretty lousy (allergies and sinuses) so she laid low and rested knowing that Sunday was to be a pretty big day - BUMC was all set to recognize her with Pastor Appreciation Day. Things got started in worship with the presentation of a beautiful corsage and continued afterwards with a special luncheon which was super yummy and included this great cake.

It was so nice to have so many people stay to celebrate. Daddy was even able to make it down to eat lunch with us. After folks had some time to eat, there was an open mike time where people were able to get up and share their thoughts about Mommy and her ministry. We brought home a couple of flower arrangements, a whole basketful of cards and presents as well as some great leftovers (chicken, spaghetti and cake!). Thanks everyone for a great day of celebration.

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