Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday - Part Two

No Black Friday shopping for Mommy or Daddy.... we slept in and had a nice relaxing day at Grandmommy's and Granddaddy's. In the afternoon the cousins came up to play and just after they had gotten the bounce house set up outside, it started to rain. So Grandmommy and Mommy took all five kids to McDonald's to play at the inside PlayPlace.

After lots of play and some ice cream treats we headed home to get ready for our Friday Family Field Trip. This is something Grandmommy started several years back where all eleven of us go out somewhere fun to kickstart the holiday season. This year we ventured out to Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa where they had set up a portable ice skating rink for the season. This was the site of the former Curtis Hixon Hall - they've redone a lot around this area with a new Tampa Museum of Art and the new Glazer Children's Museum. Here's everyone peeking in the windows at the Children's Museum....

Walking up to the ice rink by the fountain.

Everyone went skating except Granddaddy and Uncle Daniel (who injured his foot several weeks back). That means even Wesley - his shoe size was the smallest skate size that they carried. Wesley had to work really hard to get around the rink - holding onto the railing and onto people but he loved it. Parker started off slowly on the railing and then inspired by cousin Micah started cutting out into the middle of the ice and zooming around people. Parker fell down a lot, but he always got right back up and kept on going. Parker did end up with a few battle scars for the night - a scratch on his forehead and nose along with a bruise from a face first fall, two bruised spots on his back and two raw spots on the outside of his legs (from the boots rubbing on his skin. But he loved it - proclaiming it awesome - and both he and Wesley wanted to go back when they woke up on Saturday! Really everyone had a super time!!!

And here's a few videos of our time on the ice....first Parker, then Daddy.

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