Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday - Part Three

When we finished at the ice rink we took a stroll through the park down to the river. The lit up building on the right is the Tampa Museum of Art. Next to the Museum by the river was a very artsy techno kids playground. We spent another 90 minutes down here letting the kids run wild - ladies chaperoning mostly while the men took a stroll along the river.

Here's a couple of videos of our time in the playground. The last two are of Wesley and Parker getting out of the spinning cup. Unfortunately Mommy hit stop on the video camera right before Wesley got out of the cup and fell right on his face (we could have won $ from America's Funniest Videos with that clip!).

By the time we left the park it was 9pm. Some of us had eaten dinner and others not. So we made a late night run to Cracker Barrel so we could enjoy dinner or dessert. Our semi-rowdy bunch practically closed down the place.

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