Monday, January 10, 2011

Back To Reality

The first week back from vacation was a big dose of reality after vacation. Getting up early, wrestling two little people into clothes and getting them to school, back to workouts at the gym for Mommy, back to all kinds of stuff to catch up on at the respective churches. When the big boy got home everyday he kept asking where we were going - he had really gotten used to the everyday field trips while on vacation! We did manage to squeeze in a trip to the library on Tuesday night which seemed to make him happy.

Wednesday night started out ok with Kids Club at BUMC but after the boys went to bed, all heck broke loose. About midnight, Mommy and Daddy woke up to the sound of gagging in the next room. It was Wesley. When we went in the boys' room and turned on the lights, we realized not only had he just thrown up, but he had apparently also thrown up earlier and not woken up while doing it. It was everywhere on the bottom bunk, including on Parker, who was still sound asleep. So we got to work. Baths for the boys. Putting on clean clothes. Cleaning up the bedroom. Starting up the laundry (and we said a special thank you to God that our dryer had been fixed on Tuesday!) We put Parker back to sleep in the top bunk and he was out pretty quick. Wesley however was wide awake after his bath and still not feeling great (he threw up one more time in the bathroom). So we made him a special pallet of blankets on the floor of the toy room (across the hall from the bathroom) and put on his favorite movie - Toy Story 2. He was on his second viewing of the movie at 3am when he finally fell asleep again. Needless to say both Mommy and Daddy were pretty tired on Thursday and juggled our schedules so that someone could be home with the little guy since he couldn't go to daycare. Wesley took a couple of naps during the day but thankfully by the evening was acting more like his usual rambunctious self.

Thursday evening we took the van to Advance Auto Parts for a new battery (we'd had some trouble while on vacation) and started taking all the lovely Christmas decorations down. The boys were more than a little miffed to see all the pretty Christmas stuff start to go away. Parker wanted to know why we couldn't leave our Christmas lights up all year long like the people across the street do on their house!

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