Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vacation Wrap Up

The last couple of days of vacation were pretty low key. We took full advantage of the opportunity to sleep in late. Daddy was still feeling sick and so we ended up hanging out close to home. The only "field trip" anyone took on Friday was to the laundromat because our drier stopped working in the middle of a cycle. It was ok though because Mommy used the opportunity to try out her new Kindle for reading while she was waiting! We rang in the New Year quietly at home. Wesley woke up and came out in the living room to join Mommy and Daddy shortly before the ball dropped.

Saturday while Daddy was enjoying the Gator bowl game at home, Mommy took the boys out for a special date. They got to enjoy lunch at the place of their choice - Applebee's - and then got to play at the local park of their choice - Greenway Park.

The only thing we didn't get to do on our vacation time that we had promised the boys was a trip to ride the Ferris Wheel downtown again. It was either too cold or too crowded in the evenings downtown. So on Monday night - the last night of the Ferris Wheel - we went downtown for one last try. There was no line and we were given a nice extra long ride; we counted 18 times around! The boys enjoyed the view with all the downtown decorations and lights still up.

When we got off the Ferris Wheel Parker insisted on taking this picture to help remember the experience.....

Then we spent some time walking around downtown to look at the lights and the Christmas tree before taking our little guys for an ice cream treat and heading home.

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