Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Party

Last Saturday night after Grandma left, we went to a birthday party. This is an annual bash thrown by Druid Hills UMC to celebrate everyone's birthday! There is a table for each month (January, February, March, etc) and anyone with a birthday in that month sits at that table. Each table was decorated to a different theme. We had a wonderful potluck dinner followed up by lots and lots of birthday cake!!!! Wesley and Daddy sat at the November table. Parker had the option of sitting at the June table with Mommy or joining Uncle Charles and Lindsi at the March table. He chose to sit with his friends which left Mommy and Eunice alone at the June table. But don't feel sorry for us. We had a lovely dinner sans husbands and children.

When everyone was sufficiently stuffed with cake, we played a game. Slips of paper with items written on each one were pulled out of a bowl. If you had that item in your possession then your table got a point. It was lots of fun even if none of the members of our family were at the winning table.

Somehow the June table ended up with lots of men and little people later on. They all seemed to follow Uncle Charles around like the pied piper (Wesley is sitting in his lap here playing with his iPhone). That iPhone sure was popular fun with the little people.

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