Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boy Are We In Trouble Now

Parker has been doing super well in school lately. Before the holidays we started talking to his teacher and his assistant principal about adjusting the way that they work with him in language arts because he was becoming a bit bored. That's because they had him stuck at the first grade level for reading books in the library - and at home he's reading third grade books on his own. He's been upped a few levels of reading now at school and seems to be doing ok.

His computer knowledge astounds us as well. He has a computer in the toy room and has known for a long time how to turn the computer on and off, play VBS games off a cd, and get on the Internet so that he can go to his educational website Starfall and play games on Miniclip. Last week he opened up a word document with Daddy's help and typed up a birthday list! But on Sunday afternoon we walked into the toy room to discover that all by himself, Parker had found out how to go to Youtube and then type in a search for Monster Jam. He was watching video clip after video clip of monster trucks and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Later on Sunday night, Parker decided that he wanted to work on a puzzle that he received at Christmas - a 500 piece puzzle of the United States. Mommy loves puzzles and geography and was glad to help when he asked.

This is how far we got on Sunday night......And yes Parker did all of the top and bottom himself. He loved putting the flags and the names together.

Things started out slow when we began work again on Monday afternoon. But then things finally clicked and a very excited young man was able to finish his puzzle before going off to bed.

Parker is definitely keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes. If this is what he's like in first grade, we are in trouble!

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