Monday, January 17, 2011

Trying to Embrace the Moments

We've been trying hard here lately to embrace the moments within our crazy schedules and really share some special time with the boys. Three nights last week we built a fire in the fireplace. This is hands down one of our favorite features of this house!!! The boys love helping Daddy get the logs set and watching the flames. The cats also enjoy curling up in front of the warmth of the fire.

Reading has become a special time for us as well. Parker has been fascinated with the new Picture Bible that he received for Christmas (the same kind Mommy had at his age). Thursday night he crawled up on the couch Bible in hand and checked out the Table of Contents. He found all the David stories and wanted to read them one by one. He's also been enjoying some new chapter books from our last trip to the library. Ever read Beverly Cleary? So far we've read her book called "Henry Huggins" and now we're reading "Henry and Ribsy" (that's his dog). Parker checked out the list of books in the back and is thrilled to see so many more stories about Henry and also about his neighbors Ramona and Beezus.

Wesley has so much personality to share these days and is really trying to be Daddy's little helper lately. "Together" they have worked on trimming the huge tree in our backyard and installing a new faucet in our kitchen.

Parker continues to enjoy bowling on Saturdays. For Christmas he received a new bowling bag and Daddy let him order some special patches to decorate the bag. Parker was all excited yesterday that Mommy had put the patches on. Apparently that made a difference in his game too - he bowled a 66 and a 52.

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