Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Day

Since Mommy and Daddy and Parker had Monday off, we kept Wesley home from daycare. Our original plan was to head to Sea World for the day, but once again we were thwarted in our attempt to visit the park as an entire family. This time it was the weather - which settled in all gray and rainy over Ocala and Orlando both.

So we decided to do something that Wesley has been asking to do for a while. We took the whole family bowling. We bowled two games together and had a lot of fun in the process! Neither Mommy or Daddy has been bowling (except on the Wii!) since we moved away from Fort Myers and it was good to get back into it. Wesley spent part of the time using the ramp to bowl and part of the time he had fun just slinging the ball down the lane by himself.

The results? Well it was a shame that Parker wasn't bowling on his league, because he actually got his two highest scores (70 and 73) which was awesome when compared to his average of 48. Overall, Daddy won the first game and Mommy won the second.

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