Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Fun Never Ends

Thursday afternoon we spent time as a family at the Southeastern Youth Fair at the Livestock Pavilion so we could see the hogs being exhibited by the youth from BUMC. Wesley was all excited to see the "piggies" until we actually got there and then he refused to get near them or touch them!

This is Otis and Clyde - who belong to Sarah and Dawn respectively. They weighed in at 257 and 264 lbs.

Daddy and Wesley checking out Gator who belongs to Chase. This piggy weighed in at 274lbs.

After the fair, we ran home so that we could catch the Space Shuttle liftoff from the NASA channel on the TV. We would have tried outside but the weather was too cloudy to be able to see it. The boys were very excited to watch Discovery take off and we must have watched for a good ten minutes after liftoff - Parker wanted to wait until all of the external tanks had separated.

From there we headed out to get Mommy some new sneakers from Sports Authority. She's been working out with a trainer at the YMCA and her feet keep cramping up. Finally we figured out that her last pair of sneakers probably cost about $20 and were purchased before Parker was born. So we got her some good cross-trainers.

We finished up with dinner at Steak N Shake. The boys looked so cute in their paper hats playing with their cars.

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