Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet

This past Monday evening was Parker's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. It was a pack wide event with a potluck dinner and special cake for dessert. Each den of boys had either a skit to act out or a presentation to make based on the theme of "A Look Through Time" which dealt with Scouting through the years. Parker's Tiger Den had made posters of the different eras of Scouting and what the uniforms looked like.

The only thing was Mommy and Daddy were not able to be in attendance at the banquet. We were in Port Charlotte for the latest RIM Retreat (Daddy was participating and Mommy is part of the leadership). So Miss Kelly came and stayed with the boys while we were away and she took the boys to the banquet on Monday night. Thankfully she took some pictures of the action, as Parker received two more belt loops and also his Tiger badge.

Lining up to give their presentation.
Receiving his awards.
Enjoying the yummy dessert!

Next up on the Scouting agenda is Pinewood Derby at the end of this month. We have the piece of wood in the box and soon will be transforming it into a car to race!

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