Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pyramid Puzzle

Parker received another challenging puzzle for Christmas - a pyramid puzzle with 365 pieces. Only this one was a 3D puzzle in the shape of a pyramid!

Last week he pulled it out of the toy room and asked for some help in putting it together. He managed to put together the entire base of the puzzle all on his own. It was pretty awesome with all kinds of factoids about pyramids.

When it came to putting the sides together though, Parker found it to be rather difficult. All of the pieces were super tiny and oddly shaped. So Mommy worked on it for him with some occasional help. It took her two days to get the first side together. Then on Monday afternoon she sat down and with Daddy they finished off the rest of the sides and got it together.

When it was all put together Parker was so very excited: "We did it!" Yes we did - a total team effort. And when Wesley saw it we of course got a "I so proud of you!"

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