Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day Six (continued)

Even though it was 8:30 and people had been lining up for a while for the parade, Daddy managed to find us some great spots inside the circle right in front of the castle for the parade. Cinderella's castle went through several color changes as we waited - purple was our favorite.

Parker was the tired one on this night. He curled up right on the ground with our backpack for a pillow and took a little snooze until the parade got going.

The parade was fantastic! They've brought back the Main Street Electrical Parade. Tinkerbell got things started on the front of the first float.

Then came Pluto driving a train.

And a couple of floats from Alice in Wonderland.

And several floats from Cinderella.

Followed up by several floats from Peter Pan.

And then Pinocchio.

And then Daddy's favorite movie...... Pete's Dragon.

And the end of the last float - a Celebration of America!

When the float was over, we surprised the boys with one last ride - Daddy had picked up more fastpasses for the Buzz Lightyear ride! We saw some of the fireworks as we headed out of the park and the boys were thrilled to be able to ride the monorail back to the parking lot.

So much excitement over the last several days. The boys both were sound asleep before we got off Disney property. When we got back to the condo, we carried them upstairs and laid them in bed. We took off socks and shoes and they snuggled down, sleeping the whole night, even while Mommy packed their room around them.

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