Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break - Orlando - Day Six

Day Six - the Magic Kingdom! Mommy read some of the bulletin boards online written by Disney fans to understand what day to visit which park. Did you know that most people visit the parks in the order they opened, which means that people visiting Disney for the week generally visit the Magic Kingdom on Mondays? Thursday tends to be an off day (not that it is empty by any stretch). We just wanted to save the best for last!

The fun for the boys started in the parking lot. Not only did we get a tram ride to the Ticket and Transportation Center, we got to take a monorail over to the Magic Kingdom!! Once inside the park itself, we headed first for the Tomorrowland Speedway so the boys could both drive cars. They loved it! While we waited in the short line, Daddy picked up fast passes to the Buzz Lightyear Ride.

The boys had fun shooting up the enemy Zurg as we rode through with the Toy Story characters!

Next it was over to Fantasyland to catch "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" (in the place of the old Mr Toad's Wild Ride). This one had a pretty long line but it wound through some very interactive areas for the kids to play in which helped to pass the time.

We scooted over to see the Mickey's PhilharMagic 3D show which was great and It's a Small World was next. Wesley loved the Small World ride and kept singing the song off and on throughout the day. And then we decided to conquer the Haunted Mansion. Parker was less than thrilled about the idea of something haunted and this was the face we got in line as we were waiting:

Mommy rode with him and kept up a running commentary of what "funny" things the ghosts were up to and at the end Parker admitted it wasn't as scary as he thought - although he didn't want to do it again.

Next on the agenda was lunch. We went back to Pinnochio's House in Fantasyland and sat next to the window so that we could watch the Small World boats as we ate.

We headed back to Tomorrowland to finish up the rest of the stuff there that interested us. First on the list was Space Mountain. Mommy and Daddy did ride-share, so Mommy rode first while Daddy sat in the lounge area with the boys and then we got to switch. We combined that with fastpass and beat all the lines!!!! Then we hit the Carousel of Progress - another hit with Parker who kept singing the song "there's a great big beautiful tomorrow!" We also rode the People Mover and got quite a view.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Adventureland as we rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets and Pirates of the Caribbean. Then we caught the Country Bear Jamboree show in Frontierland. We headed back to Liberty Square to see the Hall of Presidents - Wesley took a little nap here, but Parker recognized several people in the movie just by hearing some of their accomplishments mentioned. For example when they mentioned the youngest president ever elected, Parker leaned over to his Daddy and said "that's John F Kennedy, right?" He's a little man after his Mommy's Social Studies loving heart!

Dusk was almost upon us as we headed over to Splash Mountain to utilize our fastpasses. Daddy and Parker got drenched in the front row of our boat. But we did manage to get the boys excited about the ride and they kept their hands up in the air during the big drops! We stopped at Pecos Bill's around the corner and had a nice dinner before heading back to the center of things to find our spot for the evening parade.

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