Sunday, April 3, 2011

District Pinewood Derby

Yesterday we spent the morning at Honda of Ocala for the District Pinewood Derby meet. They staged it so that only one age group was running at a time which was nice: Tigers 10am, Wolves, 11am, Bears noon and Webelos at 1pm. Checkin started 1 hour before your race time and ended 30 minutes before your race time.

The track.

The trophies. The competition. At the end of checkin there were 19 Tiger Cub cars present.
Parker was car #8 on the front row here. His car which weighed 4.94oz last Saturday on our pack scale weighed 5.3oz here so Daddy had to pull off some of the putty weight until it was 5.0 even.

Getting ready for the racing to start.

At the beginning, the Cub Scout Area Activity Director led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, said a few words and turned it over to the Honda manager to greet us. Then one of the Honda employees announced all of the cars for the races. Each car ran four times - once in each of the different lanes. This is Parker's car headed into its first race.

Parker's car won its first race, placed fourth in its second race, won in its third race and placed fourth in its fourth race. The cars raced faster here - all of Parker's times were in the 2.6 range.

Overall, Parker finished in 7th place out of 19 cars!!! Things were so close that only .0003 seconds separated Parker's car from 1st place. We're so proud of all the great work that he did with this showing of his first Pinewood Derby car.

The other boys in Parker's pack all placed in the top half of the racers also, with Garrett claiming sixth place and Brock taking 9th place. Go Pack 112!!!!

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