Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surprise Party

Friday night we hosted a surprise party for our clergy friend Chris (his wife orchestrated the whole thing but needed a place to pull off the surprise). Next week is Chris' 40th birthday. He thought he and Charissa were just coming to our house to hang out for some "pizza and Wii." Instead Chris discovered that it was a party for him and the Holdens had joined us as well (they and the babysitter Miss Kelly parked at Daddy's church and walked up the backyard).

We got started at 6:30 and no one left our house until after 10:30pm! It was a great evening of wonderful food, lots and laughs and wonderful fellowship!

James making friends with Mary our cat.

Chris making friends with the Holdens daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Setting the house, I mean the cake, on fire!

And the gang all together. That's six pastors and four "double" preacher's kids.

The three musketeers (ages 7, 5 and 3).

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