Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Round Two

Daddy and the boys headed home to Ocala after celebrating Easter and Mommy stayed behind to spend some time with Grandma, Aunt Susie, Uncle Rich, Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona. After the boys finished up with school on Monday, Daddy brought them back down to Seffner in time for Grandpa's visitation. We were very touched by all of the people who showed up to support our family and offer their condolences. We saw some folks from Seffner church that we had not seen in years and even a few members from the church in Hudson. After the visitation was over, Grandma had us come back to her house so that she could give the boys their Easter baskets from her.

It was nice to hang out as a family, especially with the aunts and uncles we had not seen in a while. Here's Aunt Susie and Uncle Rich on the couch and then some pictures of Aunt Mona goofing it up in the kitchen.

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