Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Round One

Our Easter celebration was a little subdued this year, but both Mommy and Daddy managed to make it to church to lead worship and participate in the Easter festivities. At Belleview, there was a kid's celebration in between the second and third services of the day that included crafts and a story as well as an egg hunt. Prior to the celebration, Wesley got into the container of ashes from Ash Wednesday in Mommy's office and decorated his forehead.

And Parker's Joyful Noise Choir sang three songs in worship. This is the choir singing in the third service.

After our morning in Belleview was over we made it up to Druid Hills. We missed their Easter Egg Hunt after worship, but the boys' friends Jami and Lindsi put together an Easter Egg Hunt just for Parker and Wesley inside the fellowship hall. Then we got a family picture taken and the boys got their picture taken with Miss Abby outside.

The next stop was Grandmommy's house in Seffner. We gave the boys their Easter presents from us (Ironman drinking glasses and Razor scooters). The scooters were a huge hit!

Then the boys got to open their presents from Grandmommy and Granddaddy and hunt for Easter eggs with their cousins. Wesley even got to "talk" to the Easter bunny - aka Uncle Daniel on the cell phone. And Parker spent some time demonstrating his reading skills to Grannie.

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