Saturday, April 9, 2011

Parker's Birthday Party

Parker had a great 7th birthday party at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house. He had requested a Buccaneer pirate ship and sure enough Grandmommy delivered another winner.....

Parker had the cousins and his brother help him put the candles on the ship.

It took two tries to blow out the candles for Parker - Wesley blew most of them out the first time so we had a do-over.
Parker was very excited by his presents. He received two Mario t-shirts; a Diary of Wimpy Kid t-shirt, book and movie; a Wal-Mart gift card; a Magic Tree house book; a polo shirt; two games for his Nintendo DS; a dress shirt and tie (per his request!); Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Season 1 on dvd; Wolf Mountain race track; and a Star Wars lego set.

Then he had one more present to open from Uncle Nam and Uncle Kelly. For this one he ended up being blindfolded and surprised.

Meet "Nake" - pronounced "Na - key" - which stands for Nam and Kelly. He's a Chinese fighting fish and came with a heck of a fish tank setup as well. Nake survived the trip home fine and now resides on the dresser in the boys' bedroom.

Later after the kids had all eaten their cake, they headed outside to hunt Easter eggs. Usually we end up celebrating Parker's birthday at Easter time and an egg hunt is involved. But this year we are able to celebrate these two occasions separately. However, cousin Kayla wanted to practice and all the kids were very excited to hunt the EMPTY plastic Easter eggs. In fact they all took turns hiding them as well, which seemed almost more fun than finding them.

Not a bad way to celebrate turning 7! Here's hoping for another fabulous year for Parker!

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