Friday, May 13, 2011

Marion County Media Festival

Tonight we went to the Marion County Media Festival held at the Westport High School Performing Arts Center. There were TV cameras on site as the entire awards ceremony was being broadcast on several of the local cable stations. The elementary portion of the ceremony was first starting at 7pm, and then an intermission for us to clear out and the middle school and high school folks to come in for their portion.

Here we are as a family on the red carpet getting ready to go inside.

One half of the stage as viewed from our seats.

Parker with his friend Om - they are in the same regular first grade class, as well as gifted and enrichment classes together. Om decided to come sit with us while the rest of his family sat across the aisle.
Before things got going, Parker's teacher Mrs. Fritz let us know that the kids had been picked for an award in the K-2nd grade PSA (Public Service Announcement) category for their film, "Bee A Friend." But even Mrs. Fritz had no idea whether they had placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their category until the awards were announced.

The kids had to wait quite a while to get to their category as we waded through 1-3rd place in the K-2nd grade age group and the 3-5th grade age group for each of these categories: Animation, Book Trailer, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Instructional, Music Video, News Feature, News Program, PSA. The only thing left to announce after their category was Best of Show.

Here's the video announcing their win and showing Parker walking across the stage.

They won first place in their age group for PSA!!!!
Here's Parker with the class trophy. This will stay in the trophy case at school for everyone to see.

At home....Parker's placement card from Mrs. Fritz, the program and his official certificate.

Congratulations, Parker! Add this to your awesome progress report this week for the fourth nine weeks and we are so very proud of you.

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