Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random Busyness

We are in the midst of a lot of random busyness and just trying to keep our heads above water right now........

* Mommy had a funeral to officiate on Monday and has another memorial service set for the 28th of this month.
* Daddy hosted the part-time clergy of the North Central District at Druid Hills for a district meeting on Monday night. Mommy hosted the full-time clergy at Belleview for a district meeting on Tuesday morning.
* Daddy is helping to work out an agreement between Druid Hills and the YMCA to host the YMCA's summer camp at his church over the summer.
* Mommy has a seminar to lead on "Salty Service" at a district-wide meeting for pastors and lay leaders next Tuesday night.
* We keep getting school notices about testing and pictures and yearbooks and parties for Parker. He informed us tonight he only has 17 days of first grade left - how on earth did that happen?
* In the midst of trying to work through May, we are also trying to prep for a busy June which includes a four day trip to Tampa for Annual Conference and then our two weeks in England.

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