Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playing Catchup

Thursday night the mans spent time hanging out together at home while Mommy spent out with some of the women from Druid Hills for a Girl's Night Out at First Baptist Church. It was a super concert featuring Mandisa and also the comedian Anita Renfroe. It was a wonderful show! Just what the doctor ordered - laughs and fun! Afterwards we all ended up at the Ale House for dessert.

Friday night we spent one last evening at the Reids with Christy and the girls before they take off to Mississippi tomorrow. This time we got to visit with Christy's husband Jason as well. The boys spent THREE hours in the pool....and they never stopped moving! Parker has gotten much braver about jumping right in and even diving to the bottom of the deep end. Wesley and Abby were jumping as well, but with great gusto into the hot tub! We thought that they would be exhausted when they got home, but no luck. They were up for a couple more hours with Movie Night fun.

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