Sunday, June 12, 2011

Basketball x Two!

This summer both Parker AND Wesley are playing basketball at the YMCA! Saturday was their opportunity to meet their coaches and have their first practice: Wesley at 9am and Parker at noon. Wesley's coach is Andy Campbell and his team is the Huskies. He was so excited to get there and to play ball! Of course, he has a definite preference for offense and NO desire to play defense - it's all about the hoop right? It turned out to be a lot of fun - the 3&4 age group plays on the small hoops and do not keep score.

In between the two boys practices, we ran some errands, including one to Toys R Us, so Parker could shop for his reward for good grades. We never took him for a reward for his 3rd quarter grades so we made it up for it today. After much deliberation, he came home with a new game for the Wii - Mario Sports Mix.

Then we were back for Parker's turn at practice. His coach is Tony Tuten and their team is the Celtics. There are nine kids on Parker's 7&8 team including one girl. Parker was glad to be back on the court and had a lot of fun doing all the drills that his coach came up with. He really kept them moving and engaged.

We wrapped up the day out by meeting some good friends for lunch. Chris and Charissa texted us to let us know they were headed up to Ocala for some shopping, so we met at Zaxby's and had fun together.

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