Friday, July 22, 2011

More Basketball

Tonight the boys played basketball again - Wesley at 6 and Parker at 8. The name of the game for the Allen boys was injuries, specifically knees. Both boys took hard falls to the floor that ended up with them sidelined for a bit with ice packs on their knees.

However, when they were actually out in the game playing, they did well. Wesley was able to score a couple of times and Parker was able to get off a great shot in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter (he streaked down to the other end of the court and was almost alone at the basket!)

We had some extra voices in our cheering zone tonight as well - Uncle Charles, Aunt Eunice and their grandson Adam. They were a surprise for the boys, who were thrilled to see them! And they joined us for our traditional Friday night dinner at McDonald's in between.

Wesley crawled up in the chair where Adam had been sitting and tried to pretend that he was snoring and sound asleep!

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