Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Road Trip

On Sunday afternoon we headed home to see family. First stop was Grandma in Seffner. Last weekend she traded in her green Saturn Vue (with the broken AC) for a new vehicle and we finally got a chance to see it.

We're glad to know that she's in a safe, new vehicle with working AC as well as OnStar and a dealer warranty in case she should have a problem. And since she didn't need two vehicles, Grandma gave us the minivan that Grandpa used to drive, that had previously belonged to Granddad and Grandmom. What a huge blessing for us! Our 2000 van has lots of miles and has had lots of problems in the last few years.

Then it was off to Tampa for a birthday party at Grannie's to finally celebrate Mommy's birthday as well as Uncle David and Grandaddy. We had a wonderful dinner and lot of laughs around the table! The kids had fun playing around inside before dinner and then outside afterwards as we went to feed the turtles and play on the putting green.

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OnStar Gal said...


This is Brynn with OnStar Communications. It sounds like the Allen family had a fun, busy Sunday! We’re happy to hear that OnStar will be keeping your loved ones safe and connected while on the road!

If you or anyone in your family has questions while getting acquainted with our offerings, please push the blue OnStar button or call us at 1.888.4.ONSTAR.

Best regards,