Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School

Last Friday we went to Parker's school for Meet the Teacher Day. We were so very excited to find his name on the list and realize that he had Mrs. Robles, his amazing kindergarten teacher, for second grade. We're wondering if she can just follow him through all the grades in elementary? Parker was excited to realize that the second grade classrooms on the second floor of the new building added last year. So he's big stuff now!

After talking to Mrs. Robles, touring the classroom and dropping off school supplies, we headed downstairs to meet Parker's FLAME teacher and see that classroom as well. Coincidentally, his name is Mr. Robles but he is not related to our Mrs. Robles. We left with a very good feeling about this second grade year.

On Friday afternoon we also received final confirmation from Carousel about what Wesley would be doing for the new school year. Wesley cannot attend VPK because he does not turn 4 before September 1. There are a few other kids at Carousel with the same problem - ready to graduate from the 3 year old class but with no place to go. So Mr. Jim and Ms. Tammy created a special class of modified VPK. There will be nine students in the class and they will be teaching them the same things as VPK on a slower less pressured track. Wesley will still have nap time every day and show-and-tell each Friday. Miss Tracy will be his teacher and Wesley is familiar with her from the school and seems to like her a lot. Next year when it's time for official VPK, the plan is to keep these kids together as an accelerated VPK class and give them a different teacher for a difference experience and reinforcement. We're so glad that the school is being diligent about keeping him challenged.

So this morning we sent two very excited children off to their first day of school. Parker was up at 7:00am to get dressed and get ready and be to school by 7:50am. Here he is with his complete new outfit, backpack and matching lunchbox.

Wesley was up next. Not to be outdone, he wore his new outfit from Grandmommy and wanted his picture taken with his Spiderman backpack.

This afternoon we picked up two very tired but very happy children who thoroughly enjoyed school. Let's just hope it lasts!

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