Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Pictures

Last month we had a photoshoot downtown with our favorite photographer, Cindi Williams of Cindi With an Eye Photography. We met Cindi at Daddy's Pumpkin Patch in 2009 and she has taken our family pictures ever since.

We were at the birthday party for her photography business earlier this year and won one of the grand doorprizes - a free one-hour photoshoot! When she asked for suggestions as to the place, Mommy suggested downtown Ocala and Cindi loved the idea. This photoshoot was lots of fun - we basically took a walk around town to several different locations she had scouted out ahead of time and her husband Kip came along to help. She took over 111 shots in the hour session and it was so hard to pick from so many good options. We finally finalized our order the other day and now we can show you a few of our favorites.

Our shoot was technically over at this point. All the grownups started talking and the boys started jumping off the stage on the square, where we usually meet Santa at Christmas. Cindi grabbed her camera and snapped off a few great shots. She admitted later to being really nervous though - she has little girls and she said what was running through her mind were these questions: "Where's the closest ER? And are those permanent teeth or baby teeth?" But that kind of action is just a typical day in our house with two active boys!!!

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