Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Day Five

On this day we beat the storms. We set an alarm and got up about 8:30, ate a quick breakfast and were on the beach by 9am. Thankfully Wesley woke up feeling better with no signs of fever!

We watched the storms roll in south and north of us but no direct hits. It was windy and the water was rough but the boys seemed to enjoy it much more.

We spent about 90 minutes on the beach before heading to the pool. We almost didn't know how to act- we were so ahead of "schedule." By noon we were inside, showered and chilling out with a good book (Mommy) and videogames (the mans). We left about 1pm for St. Armand's Circle where we had a super yummy lunch at the Columbia Restaurant-Parker tried deviled crabs for the first time! Then we strolled the circle and did some shopping.

Later we came headed home for naps and more games. Since Mommy and Daddy were so full from lunch we fed the boys a mini-supper in the apartment and then headed to the Village for some Big Olaf's ice cream. Both boys had a sprinkle chocolate waffle cone with Superman ice cream inside; Mommy had a cup of chocolate peanut butter frozen yogurt; and Daddy had a waffle cone of chocolate chip. Awesome!

We finished off the evening back in the room with some scrapbooking, a Rays game on TV and a some videogames and a movie for the boys.

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