Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Day Six

The rain was earlier than we were on this day! We got up at 8:30am and just a few minutes later came the pouring rain and loud thunder. We didn't let that ruin our day though; Wesley watched a movie, Parker and Daddy had a Mario Sports mix Wii tournament and Mommy scrapbooked. We finally headed down to shore about noon and spent two and a half glorious hours playing in the surf and sand.

It was the first perfect day we had and it showed-the beach was packed and no one wanted to head back inside.

We spent another forty-five minutes at the pool before heading in for showers and lunch about 3:15pm. More scrapbooking and Wii in the afternoon. Later Mommy and Wesley did some shopping for Aunt Dawn and Grannie's birthdays as well as Grandmommy and Granddaddy's anniversary.

When we got back Daddy had researched a new place for us to try for dinner -Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar. It's just a couple of blocks away so we walked. The boys loved it- you sat on picnic benches at the tables and their kids' meals came in frisbees that they could keep!

Afterwards we walked back, hopped in the van and went to Splish Splash to find Parker a new hat-his disappeared in a big wave today. At the apartment we finished off the evening with popsicles and movies. Mommy and Daddy finally finished Battle for Los Angeles that they started earlier this week.

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