Monday, August 15, 2011

Vacation Day Three

Again with the sleeping in. Man we could get used to this! Up at 9:30am, breakfast and out on the beach by 10:15am. It was really dark and windy on this day. We were only outside about 30 minutes before the rain came pouring in. We ran up and waited on the porch for a few minutes until it blew over. Then the weather was amazing and the beach was quiet so we headed back down to the shore. The boys made a big sandcastle and then started getting brave in the waves.

When the second thunderstorm rolled in, we headed inside again. This time we waited it out and headed for the pool. Mommy and Parker traded jumps in the pool and Wesley practiced swimming to Daddy.

About 12:45 we started heading inside to grab showers and lunch. Mommy and Daddy kicked back in the recliners and the boys played Wii in the bedroom. We had nap time which was marvelous. We headed out for dinner about 7pm and went to Sweet Tomatoes. Parker ate more than anybody else! A huge dinner plate piled high with salad, 3 slices of their pizza bread, a blueberry muffin, a chocolate brownie and a sundae!!

We walked off a smidge of dinner in Best Buy, picking out a couple of movies for Mommy and Daddy to watch. Then it was back home - movie night for everyone - Over the Hedge and Unknown.

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