Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Day Two

We didn't set an alarm. We slept in. Wow! No one woke up until 9:30am.

We took it easy and had some breakfast. We got down to the beach a little before 11am. It was a little breezy and overcast but not too hot. Our part of the beach wasn't very crowded. And we discovered that this year the sandbar has moved shoreward significantly so that the boys could still stand up quite a ways out into the water.
We came in about noon and headed for the pool. By 12:45 we were getting showers then lunch.

By 1:40 we were in the car headed towards a special surprise for the boys south in Punta Gorda.
Our friends the Holdens moved to Cape Coral in July. They drove up to meet us at Carmalita Park in Punta Gorda so the kids could play together and we could catch up. The kids had fun and so did the grownups. The sky looked ominous but it never stormed thankfully. There were some interesting thigs at the park besides the playground equipment- a BMX bike track and a skateboard park.

We left there about 4:30 and caravaned to Port Charlotte for dinner at Applebee's. Can you say table for 8? We made sure to tip the waitress well!

We said goodbye to the Holdens after dinner and headed to Wal-mart across the street to grab a few missing items we needed for our condo. Then once we got back on the Key, we took a family walk on the beach at sunset.

We finished up the day with the boys watching a movie while Mommy scrapbooked (6 pages of our England trip) and Daddy relaxed on the couch with some TV. Glorious day #2!

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