Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation Headed Home!

We rolled out of paradise last Saturday morning about 10am, making our reservations for next year's pilgrimage to the beach before we left! We then headed back to St. Armand's Circle and did a little shopping at Stadium Gallery, picking up a couple of pictures for the family room wall.

Our next stop was Seffner, specifically Grandma's house. She's in the process of redoing a few things in the house and had a new computer for Daddy to hook up. While he worked on that, and Grandma kept the muchkins busy, Mommy put together this new bookcase for Grandma's home office.

We headed over to Grandmommy and Granddaddy's for a family lunch to celebrate two birthdays: Grannie and Aunt Dawn. It was fun to spend some time with family and after lunch we toured the latest updates to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dawn's house - redoing their kitchen, laundry room and family room.
We had one more stop in Seffner before heading north - Wal-Mart. Every year Grandmommy takes all the grandchildren shopping for their back-to-school supplies. Parker got the things he needed to start second grade next week. And Grandmommy didn't leave out the little guy either - he picked out a cute little outfit and this adorable Spiderman backpack which made him so happy! He uses it to cart everything around the house now.

It was a LONG day and bless Wesley's heart, he didn't make it the five minutes to the interstate after pulling out of Wal-Mart before he was snoring. The rest of us managed to stay awake and get home so we could unload, unpack, do laundry, and get ready for Sunday morning preaching.

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