Monday, September 12, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover Continues

This was the boys' room when we first moved in. We've painted the bottom half of the room since then, but this was the best shot of their loft bed setup (desk on the near corner; bookcase behind the dresser on the far corner).

We had a little more redecorating fun this past weekend in the house. The boys have been having trouble sleeping for a while in their room. They refused to sleep apart in the separate beds; Wesley likes to be able to see his brother. So they kept crowding into one bed but inevitably would roll over on each other, wake each other up and then someone would come in with Mommy and Daddy. This was happening every night.

When we were on vacation in March, the boys slept in a bedroom with two twin beds and slept well because Parker and Wesley could see each other without crowding each other. So we decided to get twin beds, which meant one more trip to IKEA for those plus a nightstand and two bookcases. We dismantled their room and donated the loft bed to Interfaith; Daddy assembled the furniture on Saturday morning and here's the result....

We still have some work to do in their room, namely putting up a couple more shelves (they wanted trophy shelves for above their beds) and moving around some pictures. But at least we haven't had any more nighttime visitors in our room at night.

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