Friday, September 30, 2011

Horse Fever

Thursday night we went downtown for a bit to check out the unveiling of Horse Fever. Ocala did this once before 10 years ago, commissioning 52 horses and auctioning them off for over 1 million dollars. A few of the horses are still visible around town. This time there are 27 horses to be displayed and then auctioned off in March 2012. They had six out on display on the square tonight as a teaser and the rest (that were in the horse trailers nearby) will all be put out for display tomorrow. The artists were present by their horses tonight and talked with people about their creation. It was really special!

Here's Brick City Horse with scenes of old Ocala.

Celebration Horse with fireworks.

Clockwork Fury Horse (when you pull his tail, his head moves!)

World Champ Horse

Quarter Horse (with real statehood quarters decorating him)

Freedom Isn't Free Horse

The trailers with the other horses....

And of course there were even some real horses on the square that the boys got to pet.

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